We're committed to providing a website experience that is accessible for everyone, regardless of ability or technology.

The Public Sector Bodies (网站s and Mobile Applications) (No. 2)可访问性规定 set out the standards public sector bodies, 包括大学, 必须达到.

以下无障碍声明阐述了2022白菜注册网站如何履行其义务. It also explains what content is exempt from this requirement.

We will update this statement as and when we make improvements to 浴.ac.uk.


大学的目标是建立和采购适合每个人的网站和应用程序. 要做到这一点, we consider the different types of people who use the site, 他们如何使用它, 以及他们在哪里使用它.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) explained

To make sure that our website and applications are accessible, we follow the 万维网联盟(W3C)网站内容易访问指南(WCAG)第2版.1.

WCAG是一个被普遍接受的衡量网站或应用的可访问性的标准. It uses a scale A, AA and AAA to rate the accessibility of content.

大学致力于确保,在可能的情况下,其内容符合AA的规定. AA合规意味着残疾人应该能够轻松访问2022白菜注册网站的大部分内容.



  • 使用有效的HTML和CSS
  • 让用户改变网站外观的某些方面,以改善他们自己的体验
  • are easy to navigate no matter the input device or method
  • have a logical content structure and a clear information hierarchy
  • 是否拥有能够适应不同屏幕尺寸而不损失功能或可用性的布局
  • provide sufficient colour contrast between background and foreground items
  • provide alternative text descriptions for non-text elements such as images

The majority of our content meets WCAG 2.1 AA指南. 2022白菜注册网站有, 然而, identified some instances where this is not the case.


大学网站(浴.ac.uk) is made up of a website and an intranet. The site and intranet went live before 23 September 2018.


该网站包含面向公众的信息,包括2022白菜注册网站课程的细节, research activity and academic departments and functions. The site also includes information we are required to publish for legal, 规管或法定理由.


The University is actively working to address the following issues, in the interim you might experience difficulty accessing:

  • forms we have built using third-party software. These forms are 'skinned' to look like the University. They may be difficult to navigate using a keyboard. We will work with our supplier to address this issue.
  • 用于管理目的的旧pdf和Microsoft Office文档. 2022白菜注册网站会替换这些文件.


虚拟之旅让无法参观校园的学生有机会探索2022白菜注册网站和历史遗迹. The tour is a third-party system developed by Mass Interact. There are some aspects of the virtual tour that are currently inaccessible.


大学正积极与供应商解决以下问题. In the interim you might experience difficulty: - if you navigate using a screen reader or keyboard.



研究信息管理系统(有时被称为Pure)允许学术同事和博士生记录他们的研究活动信息并在网上发布. Pure is a third-party system developed by Elsevier, there are some aspects of the 纯 that are currently inaccessible.


大学正积极与供应商解决以下问题, in the interim you might experience difficulty with:

  • poor colour contrast between text and background which means that certain words, sentences or paragraphs might be difficult to read.
  • 糟糕的页面结构意味着阅读顺序不遵循文本在屏幕上显示的顺序. 作为一个结果, 使用屏幕阅读器或仅使用键盘导航的用户可能难以使用该网站.
  • 糟糕的页面结构意味着只使用屏幕阅读器或键盘的人很难浏览搜索结果.
  • 年长的pdf文档.

2022白菜注册网站的供应商计划在明年早些时候发布一个更新来解决这些问题, except 年长的pdf文档 which are classed as archival content.


内部网由员工、学生和承包商使用的一系列工具组成. These tools support learning, teaching, research and business operations. To access these tools, you need a valid University username and password.




Moodle Virtual learning environment (VLE)

Moodle是一个基于网络的平台,被各部门用于支持学习和教学. It went live before 23 September 2018.

Moodle delivers online resource and activities. The tool also includes information we are required to publish for legal, 规管或法定理由. The Moodle platform is compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA.


2022白菜注册网站有, 然而, 确定了上传至工具的用户生成内容不符合WCAG 2的一些实例.1 AA指南. To improve the accessibility of content, we have installed Blackboard Ally. 该工具帮助用户创建可访问的内容,并可用于使2022白菜网总站大全将现有不可访问的材料转换为其他格式.

Technical information about the website's accessibility

The 2022白菜注册网站 is committed to making its website accessible, 根据公共机构(网站及流动电话应用程序). 2)《2022白菜注册网站》.

Content that is non-accessible, 然而, is outside the scope of the regulations

The following content is exempt from the ‘The Public Sector Bodies (网站s and Mobile Applications) (No. 2)《2022白菜注册网站》 .


Embedded maps may not be accessible. 然而,2022白菜注册网站链接到 一个容易的选择 which provides information about the location and access routes. 嵌入在研究数据档案或大学档案和研究收藏中的地图可能无法访问,因为它们不是用于导航使用.


2018年9月23日之前发布的不用于管理目的的旧pdf和Microsoft Office文档. We will not replace these documents with accessible versions.

Pre-recorded and live time-based media

Captions and transcripts for time-based media. 2020年9月23日之前发布的预录制视频不包括字幕或文本. 直播不会有字幕.


一些作者可能会选择链接不属于自己的外部网站上的内容, 支付, or developed by the 2022白菜注册网站. 此内容可能无法访问.


The University has some affiliate websites that are not hosted on 浴.ac.uk. Some of this content may not be accessible. 你应该检查附属网站的可访问性声明,以获得进一步的信息.


As a Library-managed archive preserving a collection of scientific interest, 大学的研究数据档案以各种不同的文件格式发布研究活动中创建的可下载数据集. These files may have been created by bespoke software to discipline standards. We are responsible for preserving the content in formats that may not meet WCAG 2.1 AA指南. You might experience difficulty accessing this content. 大学的数字档案和研究馆藏也由图书馆作为遗产馆藏管理, preserving items of historical and scientific interest. 由于可访问性要求与复制的真实性不相容,以及缺乏自动化,可能不可能使该内容完全可访问, cost-efficient methods of extracting content into accessible formats. You might experience difficulty accessing this content.




A decision about personal websites hosted on 浴.ac.英国还没有被造出来.


The website, including intranet (excluding 纯 and Moodle)

如果您无法访问2022白菜注册网站网站上的任何信息,并希望请求另一种格式, 例如, 一个访问PDF, 大型印刷文档, 易读的版本, 录音或盲文副本, 请使用以下表格报告数字可访问性问题. We will try to provide you with an alternative version; 然而, there may be times where this is not possible. We aim to respond to requests within five working days, where possible.

如果您是2022白菜网总站大全或学生,由于可访问性问题而无法访问纯, 请使用Web可访问性报告表单报告问题,2022白菜注册网站将联系团队成员提供帮助.


如果您是学生,不能访问Moodle上的资源,您应该直接联系老师. You can find the course owner listed on the My 课程 page on Moodle, and contact details for members of staff using Microsoft Outlook.


Report an accessibility issue and get help.

If you are not happy with our response

平等与人权委员会(EHRC)负责确保各组织符合公共部门机构(网站和移动应用程序)的要求. 2)《2022白菜注册网站》. If you’re not happy with our response, please contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) for further advice